“I’ve worked with energy practitioners for over thirty years so I’ve seen a lot in my time. It’s obvious to me that Claire is born with naturally powerful gifts and that the healing path is her calling. When she works with me I feel confident that she intuitively knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s precise, swift, skilled, purposeful and kind. Each time she has worked with me, either during the session or after, some part of my spinal structure has spontaneously adjusted, and the overall healing effects have been obvious. I end up feeling relaxed, peaceful and transformed in some way.”

Jacqueline Kahn, Holistic Therapist

“I instantly felt energised yet unbelievably calm after my session with Claire. I’ve received many Reiki treatments before and bio-energy left me feeling in a similar way, although I’d say it felt much more powerful in many ways, as though I’d had a deeper healing. One of the most surprising things, in addition to helping with the main issue I’d approached Claire about, was that it also helped re-connect my energy with the outside world. My freelance work had dried up and I’d been out of work for a few months but literally after my treatment with Claire something major shifted! Literally the day after, I started receiving emails and calls from work contacts and other jobs I’d been pitching for. It was as though Claire had unplugged a blockage and the communications started to flow again! It was wonderful.” 

Leah, Norwich

“In the Autumn of 2018 I was diagnosed with colon cancer and two weeks before major surgery Claire gave me some distance healing. My emotions were all over the place, I was very nervous. I remember lying on my bed at home, ready for the distance healing, and during the session I felt deep relaxation, as if a weight had been lifted. That night I slept better than I had done in weeks. I felt hope and supported. I wasn’t on my own and really felt the healing was going to help my cancer. Very recently I discovered that the cancer hadn’t spread and I’m now in recovery, things are looking much brighter and I’m sure bio-energy therapy had a part to play. It also just helped me to feel so relaxed and more able to manage my emotions, and to face the operation ahead of me.” 

Lilian, Norfolk

“When I met Claire the first time for bio-energy healing I had no expectations. Wow! I felt wiped out after the first session but lighter, more alert and all my blocked energy had been released to somewhere else. I could actually feel Claire pulling the energy from the chakra as she moved over my arms and legs. Some sessions I fell asleep as she was working on me. In my experience it’s rare that complimentary therapies are so effective. Your body will thank you and Claire after your sessions.”

PJ, Brighton

“Working with Claire was very enjoyable, interesting and calming. The treatments themselves were very relaxing and I recall instances of feeling heat, energy and movement. Beyond that, in one particular session, I felt a surge of emotion that was very powerful. There wasn’t a typical pattern after the sessions; on one occasion I felt extremely tired, and on another I experienced a significant improvement in energy. It was great working with Claire, not only for her professionalism, clear interest, and knowledge of bio-energy, but also to witness her kindness, spirituality and enthusiasm.”

Nick, London

“I visited Claire for some Bi-Aura treatment to help with the debilitating migraines I’ve suffered for many years. I wasn’t sure what to expect but found the experience surprisingly relaxing. Claire is an extremely empathetic and calming practitioner, and I immediately felt at ease in her presence. During the sessions I was aware of the feeling of energy being pushed and pulled around the periphery of my body, and felt an overwhelming sense of wellbeing. I also slept very, very deeply after each session, something that is unusual for me. Strangely, during one of my treatments I also smelt smoke wafting through the room, although Claire confirmed later that no-one was smoking in the vicinity for the duration of the treatment.

My initial three treatments were done back-to-back, and so I suspect were relatively intense. I normally experience migraines monthly, and often every two weeks, however, after these sessions I did not experience a chronic headache for some time, and I have certainly seen a huge reduction in the amount of migraines experienced. I will return for further treatment.”

Camilla P, London